Make Dad’s Day: 6 Quick and Easy Father’s Day Gifts

Six Last-Minute Gifts for Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner on the 16th of June, finding the perfect gift at the eleventh hour can seem daunting.

The good news for you lastminute.commers is we’ve researched a list of six easy-to-arrange gift ideas which will make your dad feel special.

Last-Minute Wonders 6 Father's Day 'Swift' Gifts
Last-Minute Wonders 6 Father’s Day ‘Swift’ Gifts

Online Experience Vouchers

Give Dad an experience that he can enjoy from the comfort of his own home. From online cooking classes to virtual painting workshops, many options can be instantly delivered via email.

E-book or Audiobook Subscription

For any book-loving dad, an e-book or audiobook subscription is a thoughtful gift that can be arranged in minutes. Plus, it saves you from guessing what his current reading preferences are.

Beer or Wine Delivery Subscription

While a single bottle is always lovely, a beer or wine delivery subscription can extend the joy over several months. Many services offer next-day delivery for the first bottle, making it a perfect last-minute gift.

Streaming Service Subscription

Give your dad access to endless entertainment by subscribing him to a streaming service. Whether he loves movies, documentaries, or TV shows, it’s a gift that offers relaxation and enjoyment.

Gourmet Food Delivery

Treat your dad to a delicious meal without any wait. With numerous gourmet food delivery services available, you can arrange for a special Father’s Day meal to be delivered directly to his door.

Personalised Video Message

Surprise your dad with a personalised video message from one of his favourite celebrities or athletes. Services like Cameo offer quick turnaround times, allowing you to arrange a heartfelt and memorable message that will surely bring a smile to his face.

These last-minute gift ideas mean you can still make Father’s Day memorable for your dad.

We also take a moment to think of those for whom Father’s Day may be challenging; our thoughts are with you.

Thanks for reading.