If there is one thing that 2020 taught us, it is that times are changing and in some cases that change can be for the better.  Doing business in 2020, the traditional way, was very challenging and being creative with the way we worked was the key to surviving that unprecedented year.

Leaping into the unknown and being creative with a traditional business model in 2021, we embarked on an ambitious new normal for estate agencies. 

With the new rules enforced by the pandemic, we very quickly learnt that most of our business can be done online. Face-to-face meetings, although lovely, were limited to essential business only, such as viewings and valuations.  Everything else could be done via websites, video conferencing, telephone calls or email.

This meant that when setting up our business, we knew that there was no need for a high street office, instead, we could work from our home office, and still provide the high-quality service people expect from professional working people. 

The advantages of running an Estate Agency with these operating principles are numerous:

  • By working from our home office we have more time available and can focus more of our time on the things that matter, selling your home.
  •  With less travel time, this immediately means a reduction in our carbon footprint, another essential consideration for any business going forward.
  •  The new working-from-home model that we have adopted will save money on traditional overheads associated with having fixed premises, which again helps towards lowering our carbon footprint and means we can spend that budget on more marketing of your properties and staff training and progression.
  • Not having a large high street office also means lower energy and utility usage; again, keeping our business environmentally friendly.

We operate from our home office and will be coming to you, rather than expecting you to travel to us.  We feel this will be the best and most efficient way to operate in our current environment and well into the future. By working in this way, we are future-proofing our business, meaning that we can keep working, selling your home and talking to prospective buyers, no matter what challenges may come our way in the future.  This also means we will keep our business sustainable, eco-friendly and efficient by watching our carbon footprint with less travel and lower energy bills.