We believe in keeping things as local as possible and giving back to our community. As such we are working alongside as many local suppliers as we can to bring you a product which means the advice, services and guidance you will be offered will be both practical and supportive to the area.

This may not always be possible and where we do need to work with suppliers from outside of our area, please be assured it will be for the very best of reasons to bring all of our clients the very best service and product we possibly can.


We have chosen not to work with large faceless conveyancing centres, with huge call centres, where you are passed around in circles.  Instead, where possible we are working closely with local solicitors which will mean that you know your solicitors personally.

The solicitors we have chosen to work with are based out of Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn and will offer you a very personal service. They work closely with us which ensures a smooth sales transaction takes place.
We would suggest that, even if you are not from this area, you use a local solicitor as they know the area well and are best placed to ask the right questions. This can save so much time and keep sales moving smoothly to completion.

We also work with other, top solicitors from around the UK who have been hand picked by our partners over at I Am Property group as part of their Movebutler Conveyancing Services.  This service will help provide our clients with a seamless experiences where Movebutler streamlines the conveyancing process, speeds up every part of the moving experience making your life easier.

Financial and Mortgage Advice:

Working with a local mortgage adviser, who has access to the whole of the market products, means we can offer our clients the very best of advice when it comes to finances. Offering all the mortgage products on the market means you will be at the forefront of the very best offers currently available. Talk to us if you are in need of a mortgage and we will ask the team to call you to discuss further.

And don’t be put off – if a mainstream lender has said no, perhaps for reasons such as your age or financial position, please discuss this with us and we will ask our advisers to call you to see what is possible. We like to check out all options before giving up completely!

Our partners over at I Am Property Group can also offer you mortgages through their platform, Movebutler.  This process again helps to streamline the whole sales and purchasing process to help speed things up and keeps everyone in the loop with its seamless process.


Local surveyors are very important as they know the lay of the local land. This is a family run business operating in Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire offering high quality Home Buyers Reports and Building Surveys.

Produced by fully accredited residential property surveyors, it is a jargon-free report which gives the buyer a clear account of the condition of the property and uses a simple to understand 1,2,3 rating guide. This makes the report easy to understand and outlines any risks or unforeseen expenditure that could crop up.

EPC – Energy Performance Certificate:

We work with a local assessor to offer our clients high-quality EPCs on their properties prior to marketing.
If you’re selling your property, be it residential or commercial, you will need an energy performance certificate (EPC) by law, which confirms how energy-efficient your property is.

This report also shows recommendations on how to make your home more energy-efficient, and also shows estimated costs for implementing the changes and the potential savings that could be made.
If you own a rental property or are selling a rental property it is now law that all rental properties have an EPC of level E or above.


We have partnered with one of the UK’s top online Auction Companies, I Am Property Group,  to provide our clients two fantastic auction offerings. We can offer your property for sale either by Traditional Auction or via the new and increasingly popular, Modern Method of Auction – to find out more please visit our dedicated Auction site here, on how we can offer you this selling route at no selling fees to you!

Auction is no longer only available to cash or investment buyers, with the new Modern Method of Auction, mortgage buyers are now able to buy this way.  Talk to us to find out more.


We offer a free market appraisal for Probate purposes, should you find yourself in the unfortunate position where you will need this service. Please tell us when you contact us that you require an “open market valuation for the purposes of probate” and we’ll be happy to help get you the open market value of the property which you will need to begin filing with HMRC.

There is no charge for this service.   Please Contact Us or call us on 01239 562 500 to discuss this further.

Rental Agency:

We are working closely with a local long term letting agent, so if you are looking to purchase a property for buy to let reasons then please talk to us and we will be happy to put you in touch with our preferred letting agent who will be best placed to offer you the best advice on adding to, or starting off your letting portfolio.

Holiday Lets:

We have also teamed up with a large, local holiday let company who operate a few miles away from our base. They have a wide range of holiday let properties on their books and are available to offer you the best advice on your investment. They are also able to prepare financial information to help with mortgage applications. Please talk to us if you would like to discuss this further.

Professional Photography:

Our photographs are great, and we love taking them, however there are those moments where only a professional will do. If you have a particularly unique property or one with the most stunning of views (and there are plenty of them along the Welsh coast) then you may benefit from that little something extra special. We can put you in touch with our professional photographer who will be happy to discuss options and arrange everything with you.