Top Tips To Prepare Your Property For Viewings

Winter Ready

Make your sale as stress-free as possible and help find your perfect buyer with our top tips!

Once your property is on the market, you need to be ready for people to view your home. Below are our top tips on what you can do to help sell your home while keeping your viewers, and yourselves or our staff safe.

Things you can do to get ready for viewings:

Consider keeping your heating on low over the winter in empty properties, if you can, OR drain down  all water sources to prevent burst pipes.

Trip Hazards. Ensure items that people could trip over are tidied up and put away, such as hose pipes, cables and wires, etc

Slippery Driveways, Patios, Decking and Yards. If your property has a lot of moss or green algae please pressure-wash or treat this so as to prevent slips and falls.

Attic/loft access. Sometimes buyers will want to see up in the loft, with your permission. Please ensure there is an easy way for them to do this, and that the access is safe for us to open and nothing will fall down when the hatch is opened.

Think about steps and slopes. Are steps or uneven ground clear to see? If not please tell us about this or ensure there is enough light inside the property so viewers can clearly see where to walk safely, or if outside, they are cleared to see easily (e.g. remove weeds, loose stones etc)

Property with land. We always make sure viewers have suitable footwear to walk the land, but if you are carrying out the viewings yourself, please ensure they do not attempt to walk around in their flip-flops! Viewers are told that access to walk the land can be refused if they do this.

Opening Doors, windows, garages, outbuildings, gates etc. Are these all easy to open? And keys at hand? If not please consider repairing them to make sure there are no awkward issues when showing people around your home.

Outside Space. Do you have a well or deep hole on your property? If you do please make sure this is clearly marked and fenced off to prevent any nasty accidents.

Together, with your help, we can make the viewing experience of your home a positive one for your prospective purchaser.