Market Update with Tania and Phil Spencer!

MoveIQ Phil Spencer
Tania Dutnell MNAEA with MoveIQ

A week ago we were invited by NAEA Propertymark to take part in their latest Market Updates, in collaboration with non-other than TV Star and property guru, Mr Phil Spencer of MoveIQ. 

This is a huge honour for us to be asked to represent the whole of Wales in this series, in which Phil Spencer takes a look at local housing markets with a panel of industry experts from across the UK.

They all shared insights into their respective regions and how the housing market is changing. Our very own Tania Dutnell MNAEA represented our company, and if you click on the video above you will see what she had to say about the market here in Wales. 

Tania with MoveIQ

All members of this panel are Propertymark Protected agents and are as follows: 

Tania Dutnell (Cardigan Bay) –
Stephen McCarron (N. Ireland) –
Jane Earley (Southampton) –
David Votta (Kent) –
Miles Glenham (Scotland) –

We’re looking forward to the follow-up so we can see how the predictions each region made pan out.