How to Survive Your First Camping Trip

How to Survive Your First Camping Trip

If you’re planning to sleep under canvas for the first time ever this summer, here are some tips to make the most of your maiden camping experience.

How to Become a Happy Camper Tips for Holiday-Makers
How to Become a Happy Camper Tips for Holiday-Makers

Plan ahead

Do your research before you book a campsite as you’ll find a considerable variation in facilities and price.

Some sites have all manner of mod cons, such as on-site bakeries and Turkish steam rooms (yes, really). Others are just a field in the middle of nowhere for those seeking to totally get back to nature.

Before you book, read online reviews and check a site’s location on a map (so you don’t wind up sleeping a stone’s throw from a busy road).

First-time campers may find it helpful if there’s a shop and pub nearby to stock up on provisions or sit out a heavy downpour.

Borrow what you can

One of the best things about camping is staying in remarkable locations without blowing your budget. So, don’t get carried away before you go by buying loads of kit (that you may only use once if you decide camping is not for you).

Borrow from friends and family wherever you can or pick up free or low-cost items online.

Don’t forget to pack these items

It can be the little things that make or break a camping experience. So, as well as taking the basics (such as a tent, sleeping bags, waterproofs, torches and stove), think about the less obvious items that might come in handy.

A bottle opener, vegetable peeler, sharp knife, cooking oil, loo roll, sunscreen, washing-up liquid, earplugs, spare batteries (for torches), and a mallet (in case the ground is hard) can make camping life just that little bit easier.

And if you’re taking children, pack marshmallows and skewers for fireside treats at night.

What to remember on the big day

Be prepared for loading the car to take longer than expected, as fitting everything in can be akin to solving a Rubik’s cube (and the source of many arguments between couples).

Pack the tent near the top so that when you arrive, you can put it up first, then unload the rest of your belongings straight inside.

Set off as early as you can. You want to arrive in daylight and nab a good pitch (one on high ground and not right next door to the toilet block).

Once your tent is all set up and you’ve unloaded your kit, you’ll be ready for your adventure in the great British outdoors. Enjoy.

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