Home Hacks from around the World

Home Hacks from around the World

In this context, a hacker isn’t a teenager sitting in a darkened room hunched over a computer and creating digital mischief.

For the uninitiated, a ‘hack’ is a clever shortcut that saves time, money and hassle.

We can learn much about improving our homes and lifestyle by looking beyond our shores.

Here are some fascinating examples of how different cultures develop clever ways to enhance their living environments.

Global Home Hacks for AREA Homeowners
Global Home Hacks for AREA Homeowners

In Iceland, residents take advantage of the plentiful geothermal energy by using naturally heated spring water for their showers. This provides endless hot water, significantly reduces energy bills and supports a sustainable lifestyle. Result.

Moving to Japan, the Japanese are renowned for their innovative use of space in small homes. A popular home hack is the installation of deep soaking tubs, known as ‘ofuro’. Unlike traditional Western bathtubs, ofuro are deeper and encourage an upright seating position, perfect for relaxing and saving space in compact Japanese bathrooms.

In the hotter climes of Spain, it’s common to find thick walls and small windows in traditional homes. This architectural style is not merely aesthetic but functional, designed to keep the interiors cool during the scorching summers. Spaniards often paint their houses white, reflecting the sun’s rays and further aiding in temperature control.

Over in Norway, homeowners often use ‘green roofs’ covered in sedum plants. These living roofs provide excellent insulation during Norway’s harsh winters and help absorb rainwater, reducing runoff and protecting properties against flooding.

Lastly, in desert regions, such as Arizona in the USA, a practical home hack uses water harvesting systems. By collecting rainwater during rare downpours, residents can irrigate their gardens and replenish their non-potable water supply, a crucial practice in areas where H20 is scarce.

But what hacks can you introduce closer to home, i.e. where you live?

Three simple ones include:

DIY cleaning solutions: Make your own cleaning solutions using vinegar, baking soda and lemon to avoid harsh chemicals and save money.

Magnetic spice racks: Use magnetic strips to hold spice containers on the side of a fridge or cupboard for easy access and space-saving.

Reduce noise: Place rubber pads under noisy washing machines or dryers to reduce vibration and noise.

What’s your favourite home hack? Feel free to share it with us.

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