Moving Thoughts from a Dad’s Perspective

170424 Home Moving Through a Dad’s Eyes

There’s plenty to consider when moving home, especially when a growing family is involved.

Over the past few months, we’ve looked at the buying and selling experience through the eyes of different members of a family who moved recently.

We’ve spoken with teenagers, tweenagers (9 – 12), younger children (5 – 8) and mums.

In this article, it’s dad’s turn to share his thoughts, fears and advice on moving home with a family.

Here’s Dave’s experience.

170424 Moving Thoughts from a Dad’s Perspective

From first glance to final offer

“At first sight, the property seemed almost too good to be true, ticking every box on our wish list. Yet, the initial excitement gave way to a lot of questions. Could we imagine our family’s life here? What renovations were needed, and could we realistically achieve and afford them? We decided to go for it as a family, and our offer was accepted.”

The mortgage maze unravelled

“With interest rates on a rollercoaster of their own, securing a mortgage quickly became our top priority. I spent a lot of time finding the right mortgage for us, and it was pretty stressful waiting to see if we’d be approved for one.”

The heartache and hope of selling our home

“Letting go of our home, where we’d made many memories and carried out a lot of improvements, was bittersweet. The emotional weight of moving on was a hurdle I hadn’t fully anticipated, especially as we listened to the kids’ concerns and thoughts. But ultimately, everyone was excited about it.”

When the best-laid plans go awry

“It was a challenge keeping our property chain together. My biggest fear was disappointing our children, who had set their hearts on the new home. Through constant communication and the support of our estate agent, we got the deal over the finish line.”

Final thoughts

“The best advice I can give any parent during a home move is to keep the kids informed, keep a sense of humour and perspective, control what you can and employ the right agent to handle your sale. Aim to be over-prepared rather than the opposite.”

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