Let’s Support World Earth Day – Everyday

World Earth Day Together we can make a difference. (3)

In this two-minute read, we look at what we can all do to play a part in the fight against climate change.

It’s never been more evident in human history that we need to change the way we live if the planet is to have a future.

So, this year’s World Earth Day, which takes place on Friday, 22 April, has never been more important.

The day which has been taking place across the globe for more than 50 years, aims to raise awareness of what we can all do to make a difference.

We’ll be going green for the day at Cardigan Bay Properties – literally, by wearing something green to highlight the event.

But we realise this is more than just something we do for a day, so we’re encouraging people to consider some of the ten tips below to adapt the way we all live to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way of life.

1.           Cycle or walk where possible.

2.           Buy second-hand items – we prefer to call them pre-loved

3.           Eat local, seasonal produce

4.           Shower instead of bath

5.           Wash clothes at 30 degrees

6.           Install solar panels

7.           Consider buying an electric car

8.           Use LED bulbs

9.           Recycle and upcycle

10.         Share these tips

As an agency, we are very committed to do our bit for the environment. We work from our home office, this cuts down on travelling and, as its a small space, our heating bills are low. We use LED lights, and are as paperless as we can possibly be, only printing what is absolutely necessary and doing everything online, electronically where we can.

And over the past month we have been busy planting different types of trees on our own land and in our own gardens to help fight climate change.

Let us know your top tips for going green.

Thanks for reading.